Why Praxis

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Unsurpassed depth in analytical methodology as a result of analyzing and working with the most recognized financial services organizations
  • Due to our expertise, we can move organizations through complex changes faster and with more safety. Through our involvement we are able to keep organizations from repeating mistakes made by others


  • Subject matter experts with comprehensive knowledge in banking and financial services industry
  • We move organizations through complex changes and have significant experience in successful implementations

Transition Planning

  • Develop highly functional project plans that track and forward manage events through the change process
  • Identify interdependencies  for achieving project milestones also for making decisions throughout the transformation process
  • Understand the impact of how project decisions impact organizations and help them make the best choices
  • Assist our client in the migration to the target environment in a crisp fashion while minimizing risks
  • Completion to target environment “sooner” results in additional benefits.
    • Cost reduction  / process efficiency
    • Effectiveness
    • Elimination of friction between functional areas during the process
  • Provide deliverables that yield proven sustainable results
  • Proven best practices applied to final target environment
  • Customized solutions tailored to our clients
  • Mitigate internal and external customer impacts
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