Our Services

Assessment - Design - Implementation

Praxis Advisors brings a global perspective to our clients. We have an in-depth understanding of the following areas:

  • Deposit
    • Treasury Management
    • Operations
    • Item Processing
    • Reconciliation
    • Overdraft
    • IRA
    • Escheat
  • Lending
    • Origination
    • Servicing / Portfolio Management
    • Loan Operations
    • Credit Risk
    • Policy
  • Bank Operations
    • Human Resources
    • IT (RFI / RFP / BPR)
    • Image
  • Strategic Organizational Design and Change

This expertise allows Praxis Advisors to isolate drivers of performance and the root cause of inhibitors. We enable our clients to focus on identified performance issues versus perceived. Organizations are successful when they are able to make informed decisions to effectively execute organizational and operational change.

Praxis Advisors specializes in organizational assessment, strategy, process re-engineering, and process improvement consulting services. Our highly skilled professionals work directly with or at the direction of client management to implement both our strategic and tactical recommendations. Praxis understands the ongoing opportunities and challenges facing the industry and we have assisted many organizations in achieving their full potential in origination, policy and use of technology.

More than 50% of our projects involve Praxis Advisors being engaged to implement analysis recommendations which results in a very favorable return on investment for our clients.

Listed below are areas across the organization that Praxis excels in:

  • Sales – Successful sales teams are integral to growing as well as preserving market share. Often, clients are frustrated with sales and marketing efforts from one or more groups. We work with management to develop best practices around delivery channels, coaching, products and incentive plans to optimize potential.
  • Products – Having the right products is key to being competitive in your market place. However, competitive products alone do not ensure success. Praxis Advisors assists clients in the alignment of products, delivery channels and policies to achieve best in class capture rates.
  • Policy – Lenders set credit policies in large part based on risk appetite. Yet, credit policy influences organizations far beyond decision risk. We assist management in understanding the dynamics of policy on sales efforts, products, workflow, and portfolio quality. Praxis works with Credit to develop policies that balance risk against operational cost.
  • Workflow – Getting accurate credit decisions out to its customers as quickly as possible is the goal of every client. Many organizations struggle with ineffective organizational models creating hurdles to achieving cost effective performance. We create infrastructures that effectively support chosen delivery models while ensuring compliance, mitigating risk and improving management reporting.
  • People – The “who” (personnel) may be more important than the “how” (process) in achieving profitable performance. Praxis Advisors assists management with defining job profiles, requirements, and organizational structures to ensure the right person sits in the right seat.
  • Best Practices – Industry leaders employ many best practices to achieve a competitive advantage. We understand there is no single best practice to solve for a given issue that fits all clients. Praxis works to incorporate the best practice characteristics that fit each client’s individual strategy and risk profile to yield superior results.
  • Technology – Technology impacts processing, management, risk, compliance, and reporting. Unfortunately, many lenders view technology alone as the solution for achieving high performance. We offer industry insight and counsel management on the importance of integrating technology in support of sound workflow fundamentals.
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