Peer Review Programs

Praxis Advisors conducts annual syndicated Peer Review Programs (PRP) for Small Business Banking, Auto Finance, Middle Market and Commercial Lending.  The Praxis PRP covers the full credit cycle from sales to collections and measures your organization's performance through objective, relative comparisons and subjective observations by our skilled industry experts. The principals and current staff of Praxis Advisors designed, developed, and ran benchmark programs over the past 16+ years as former employees of BenchMark Consulting International.

Highlights and deliverables of the PRP include:

  • On site visit to volume data, conduct interviews and observe processes
  • “Apples to apples” comparison of all participants with Praxis Advisors’ proprietary measurement tools
  • Executive summary of the class performance drivers
  • Detailed quality and performance metrics and observations illustrating the influence of strategy, policies, and model execution on class performance
  • Attributes, subjective analysis, findings and workflows
  • Interactive presentation to senior management
  • Electronic version of the results
  • Actionable improvement recommendations tailored for each institution
  • Efficiency and/or cost savings opportunities for consideration in your lending and operational approaches
  • Typical return on the program investment of more than tenfold for most participants
  • Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance and is strictly maintained.
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